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Best SEO Checklist 2017
To Make a Site Perfectly Optimized


SEO Checklist for a website


When you are going to launch a website for a small business or for an enterprise one, you have to be anxious about huge tasks like risk factors, financial issues; success ratio issue, etc. These are the issues to be considered seriously. But the first issue which is the most important is the SEO Checklist should to be done. Are you going to start a website within one week? So, the Local SEO Expert Guide (LSEG) is here to provide you the solution and you will get the exact direction about where and how to go.


Did you complete the matters like site design, site structure, content writing, server configuration, etc? If all are okay, then please pause a second. I have few questions need to be confirmed. Did you think about SEO? Did you complete your keyword research? Did you write content with your targeted keywords? Did you give attention on off page SEO as well as on page SEO? If maximum answers are ‘No’, then I have many topics to share with you.


If you don’t follow the SEO techniques, then there is a possibility to get down of your site within a very short time. So, to make it sustainable, you have to follow the SEO rules. Without doing the research, you will do everything as like as you have no goal or destination.


Here, I am trying to brief the points based on basic SEO, on page SEO, off page SEO, etc. Keep in touch with me.


Host Your Site to a Dedicated Server

We are very much used to host our site with a shared server as we don’t bother about the site performance. Yes, if you don’t want best site performance, then its okay, otherwise you should go towards a dedicated server.


Do Your Keyword Research

There is a proverb like keyword research is the seeding of an online business. When you are going to do a business, it could be a blog or affiliate or news portal even though an authority site. So, at first you should have full concentration on keyword research. Without doing so you can’t get guaranty to be succeed.

LSEG has a detail writing on Keyword Research. Please have a look on that article about Keyword Research.


Keyword Research with SEMRUSH Tool
Keyword Research with SEMRUSH Tool


Get Your Domain with Your Best Keyword

If you completed keyword research, then you might want to get visitor through the searching of your main keywords. So the best way to get visitor based on your main keyword is to set that on to your domain. That means you should buy a domain with a name which is Exact Match Domain (EMD) and take the .com extension for that domain name. This is how the chosen domain name will be the strong base of your online business.


Exact Match Domain
Exact Match Domain


There are many tools for doing this keyword research like Keyword Planner, KWFinder,, SEMRush, etc.


Ensure the Security of Your Site

If you have to go somewhere which is risky, then you must avoid going there. Same thing happens to the website visitors to visit an unsecured site. If the target user is concern about the website security then he must hesitate to visit an unsecured site means non Secure Socket Layer (SSL) site. So, you should get the SSL certificate to earn visitors’ trust so that they feel easy to visit your site.


Website can be secured by SSL
Website can be secured by SSL


Use Keywords in URL, Title, H1 Tag and Meta Description


As to make the best optimization of a site is to customize the page URL. So, one of the major tasks is in terms of SEO is to use keywords into the URL. After your keyword research, you now know what should be your target. So, set the URL format as to get the URL based on a selected keyword.


Use Keyword in URL for doing best SEO
Use Keyword in URL for doing best SEO


Follow the same procedure for the title and H1 tag. The title should be the combination of your best keyword and your company name by using a separator like bar (|). Be care full about the title not to be more than 70 characters.

Website Title with a Keyword and Brand Name
Website Title with a Keyword and Brand Name


H1 Tag

Again the H1 tag is one of the most important matters for the best SEO. So, be serious about using the H1 tag. H1 tag should be attractive to represent the whole page or article. There should be one H1 tag into a page or article.


Meta Description

Meta description is the briefings of a website within 150 words. Within this, the owner tries to say main focus of his business and services. This description shows just after the URL of the search result. It does not have effect on SEO, but when a user search for a service on which you work for, then your site might come to the search result and there show the Meta description. So, the owner should use the very short but well formatted summery text within this portion.

Title and Meta Description of a Page
Title and Meta Description of a Page


Optimize the Images for Best SEO

Images do carry a major part for ranking a site to the search engines like Google as the image optimization is one of the most important tasks for on page SEO. The image file name, caption, alt text, etc are used to represent the images to Google. So, the file name, caption, alt text should have the keywords as well as file name, alt text, caption should be descriptive so that the visitor can feel the necessity to have that image and get a break from the reading of text. This is how visitors could be more interested to the whole site.


Using images could be the reason to get slower of the site. So, to make it faster or not slower than the previous one, should include width and height attributes in image tags. Images should be resized to the display size rather than uploading the original file and let the browser shrink that.


Image Optimization With ALT Text Caption Name
Image Optimization With ALT Text Caption Name


Again, you have to be sure to include the Alt attribute with images as the American Disabilities Act says to describe the image always on the page for the vision impaired. They says to be sure that the images have proper descriptions associated with them and if appropriate, keywords for the page. ALT attributes are also required to validate the HTML code.

In order to get detail idea about image optimization, please go here.

Submit Robots.txt, Sitemaps, Rich Snippets, Schema Data


Robots.txt is file with the instructions which pages should not be indexed to the web crawler. This file exists into the root folder. So, if you search like, you will get to see the content of that file which must have some instructions with Allow and Disallow command.


The LSEG has discussed briefly on ‘Website Audit’ and covered a topic on Robots.txt. Have a look on that topic for details.


In order to create the robots.txt, Go to the Google’s Robots Create Tool.

Google Robots.txt Setup Technique
Google Robots.txt Setup Technique


Every website should have a sitemap which is with HTML and should have links to all pages of the site. When you go for submit the map, there should be the sitemap with XML. If the sitemap exists for your site, then check it regularly to keep updated.


Though there is a controversy not to have sitemaps to a well structured website, but it is important for the following reasons:

  • Sitemap is a certified and standard process to make the communication with search engines via the webmaster tool utilities.
  • The sitemap which is dynamic is always let the site owner to be informed about the new pages or URLs to be indexed by Google. So that the owner could take steps to make it indexed.
  • An advanced XML sitemap always tries to help the owner to tie an URL to the specific rich media.


To create the sitemaps, go to the site.


We, the LSEG have briefly written on ‘Website Audit’ and covered a topic on Sitemaps. Have a look on that topic of sitemaps for details.


Rich Snippets

The Rich Snippets is the way to make rich and presentable the SERPs by adding more information other than title, Meta description. So, the visitor feels easy to go deep into the site. This is the term which adds extra information to the search listing which makes the searchers to get the exact information what they are looking for.


Rich Snippets Technique
Rich Snippets Technique


There are few benefits which rich snippets provide:

  • To get more attention of the visitors to their relevant results
  • Provide instant mostly relevant results based on their query
  • Increase click-though rates and reduce the amount of bouncing rate due to finds the best answers from the SERPs.


Schema Data or Schema Markup or Structured Data

In order to create Schema Data, go to this link.


The schema markup is one of the latest evaluations in terms of SEO. This form of optimization seems to very power full tool for doing SEO. If you can implement the concept of schema markup, you will be able to boost up your site in the search results. This is the code which sets your website to return to the search results with huge information output.


This type of data helps to search engine to let it know about your site’s content that means it give the supports the Google to understand what type of information you are presenting through your website.


If you use schema markup into your contact page, then your page will help you to show your street address along with phone number, so it will have the organized and more informative results to the visitors.

Proper Monitoring of 301, 302 and Custom 404 Page


There are two major type redirections, one is 301, which is permanent and passes around 90%-99% juice link means page rank to the new page. Suppose, the LSEG has a menu name LSEG Blog. So, when an online user will click on this link, he will be redirected to the page of

The 301 refers as the HTTPS Status Code for this type f redirection.


There could arise a question that why or when it needs to be used. When any website owner creates a new page with new content, with new dynamism, with new concept, then he has to implement the new one instead of the old or existing one. At that time, he has use redirection 301 so that the visitors can go to the newly added page or URL.


301 Redirect Checker
301 Redirect Checker


The main reasons to use the 301 redirect concepts are:

  • In order to gain maximum domain authority, it is used with common web conventions like https:// or www, etc.
  • In order to rename or rebrand a website with a different URL.
  • In order to redirect traffic from one website to another URL owned by the same organization.
  • In order to redistribute a large company service website to a more organized with latest concept, content based website to increase the business of that company.



The 302 redirect, also names as temporary redirect, is used to redirect a page which you want to change within a very short time to a permanent redirect. This redirect does not pass the page rank to the new page, so that this is not the best process for direction issue.


The page which you redirected will retain its PageRank, MozRank, Page Authority, and Traffic Value. So, it’s not a healthy decision for the website. It is really a threat for the search engine to use this redirect for a long time.


The SEO specialist does not like to use 302 as this is bad for the site. They might use this only for getting the clients’ feedback. But they don’t want to use it to increase the damage possibility for the site.


Custom 404

In order to keep the visitor of your site, there should be a good solution of the 404 Error. The good user experience is the best way to get good rank in the search engines like Google. If you have awareness about using the custom 404 page, then your visitor will be saved from leaving the site. They don’t feel the bad experience to face a broken link.


When the visitors hit a link which does not actually have any page, then 404 error is the standardized HTTPS status code sent from the web server to the UI so that the visitors get an error of 404 not found.


There are few reasons for happening this error, are as listed below:

  • The URL or its content was either deleted or moved somewhere.
  • The URL was written incorrectly or linked incorrectly by the developer. In another way, the URL was typed incorrectly within the browser by the user.
  • The connection to the web server is down or some how disconnected.


404 Custom is the way to redirect the visitor to an another page
404 Custom is the way to redirect the visitor to an another page


There are few ways to solve this error. The ways are mentioned below:

  • Correct the Broken Link: If the broken link sends traffic to the not found error page, then create that page or find where that page does exists and then use the 302 redirect to the new page.
  • Redirect the 404 Error to Somewhere Else: If there show an error with not found, try to redirect that link to somewhere else which is relevant to the original link.
  • Restore Deleted or Moved Page: For any reasons, you may remove a page from your website. But if still the traffic comes to that removed page then you should get back that page to make the visitor feel comfortable.


There is a free tool to find out the broken links for crawling up to 500 URLs .


Setup Few Important Services and Tracking Systems

Google Analytics

From the briefings of Mia Vallo – Sr. Director, Marketing Analytics, National Geographic as like

Google’s analytics products helped us improve engagement by 33% and click-through by 21% for content promotions on our homepage.


Again from the reference of Wikipedia, it can be said like

Google Analytics is a freemiumweb analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Google Analytics is offered also in two additional versions: the subscription-based Google Analytics 360, previously Google Analytics Premium, targeted at enterprise users, and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, an SDK that allows gathering usage data from iOS and Android Apps.


Google Analytics Reports
Google Analytics Reports

Benefits of Google Analytics

Here are few benefits of having Google Analytics at the time of optimization:

  • First of all, it is a free and popular tool which provides more information than other paid tool.
  • With this tool, you will be able to trace the visitor on your website. That means you can get reports on which pages maximum visitors are coming, which are not.
  • You also be able to get idea based on keywords. You will get idea about visitors on each keyword. Other than the main keywords, you will also get idea about the other keywords with the course of time.
  • Through this tool, you will get the information about traffic statistics. You will know how many visitors are coming daily to your site. You will know which page is most popular, which is not.


Google Search Console (Formerly Webmaster Tool)

The definition of Google Search Console from the Google is

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results. You don’t have to sign up for Search Console for your site to be included in Google’s search results, but doing so can help you understand how Google views your site and optimize its performance in search results.

Google Webmaster Tool
Google Webmaster Tool

Benefits of Google Search Console

  • This tool lets you know if there are any official penalties on your site
  • If there is any back link which let your site down, then this tool will inform you
  • If any 404 and any other error found, then you will be notified by this tool
  • It will give you the ratio about to be indexed by the Google Analytics
  • If there is any blocked resources, then it will inform you
  • If there is any problem of responsiveness, the this tool will let you know the status


Last Few Words

There are many more issues which can be traced out and there are huge works to nursing on to get improvements in terms of SEO. You again can start work on JS and CSS validation, Open Graph, Site Speed monitoring. There are works on Bing Webmaster Tool as we all give focus on USA market. This is a must in the time of modern mobile era. So, should have attention on mobile responsiveness of your website.

It is a huge job and continuous job as well. More over this is a continue process to keep your website up to date.

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