How to Create Sitemap and How to Submit a Sitemap to Google

How to Create Sitemap and How to Submit a Sitemap to Google

There are many issues are used to improve the website ranking whether the sitemap is not. It is used to index your web pages quickly.

This is automatically generated and works to links to separate sitemaps for your images, pages, blogs, etc. It updates automatically when added new pages, products, images or articles to your website.

It is one of the most important jobs for improving the SEO though it’s not directly connected to improve the Google search. Our company LSEG takes it very seriously to do it at the very first stage of doing SEO. Many of our clients see a spike in traffic and better SEO results within very short time just after submitting the sitemap to search engines.

Sitemap Location

It is strongly recommend that you place your sitemap at the root directory of your HTML server; that is, place it at Local SEO Expert Guide.


The authentic way which is also recommended that the sitemap should place at root directory of your server; that means place the file like


All the URLs listed in the sitemap must keep in the same web server as the sitemap. For example, if the sitemap is located at, then it can’t include URLs from



What is Sitemap?

Sitemap is an XML or html file which includes all the URLs on your website. This also includes meta data for each URL of your site with the information of when that was last updated, how relatively important is it within your website structure and how often you updates to it.

The sitemap is a list of web pages that is accessible to all users. An XML sitemap is a process for presenting all pages that exists on the websites. WordPress XML sitemap also tells search engines the caparison of the pages and provide a prioritized list of pages to the search engines. If the sitemap does not boost your search rankings, you should allow search engines to crawl all of your web pages.

Why Sitemaps are Important?

Sitemap is consider as a core part of a website and it is used to help the search engines crawl to your website easily so that it will be easier to index all the pages of your website. The sitemap is very important and is more gear for the browsers to find the content they are looking for on your website.

According to Google, there are few specific ways to get benefits by the client from a sitemap:

  • If the website is large enough to get properly linked so that sitemap helps to get perfect index of every pages
  • If there are very few backlinks of a newly lunched website
  • If the web content is not properly interlinked, facing problem to navigate the whole website
  • If the target website uses a lot of rich-media content
  • If you have a new website, then it will be very tough enough to get backlinks for the pages so that it will be harder for search engine like Google to discover all their pages. Sitemap allows those website pages to help the engines to crawl their pages more efficiently
  • Search engine can understand how often your site is modified or updated which parts of your site are more frequently updated than others, set crawl rate for those parts. This improves the visibility of your search engine of your site.
  • Suppose, your site stands in a very good rank in the search engine and if you require a very frequent modification of your site, then the site maps help to keep your site’s position as previous as the sitemaps make the whole site fresh and useful to present to Google so that it can keep its own position.
  • Sitemaps help to categorize your content by its priority that means the pages which have most important content will be crawled and indexed faster than the other pages.
  • As the sitemaps is to assign to crawl every single pieces of information continuously and instantly so that it saves time and money a lot for you. You don’t need to wait when your published info will be crawled and indexed by the search engine.
  • Through sitemap reports you can get idea about all kinds of reports, your traffic sources, most visited articles, most searched keywords, etc. So that you can focus on your targeted area and take care of your articles as well as targeted area.


Types of Sitemaps



The HTML format of the sitemaps is the easiest way to navigate a website. It described in a bulleted outlined way of the site navigation. The anchor text displayed in the outline is linked to the references pages. The visitors can go to the sitemap to find out the topic. If your site does not have lots of rich media like audios, videos, etc, this format will be the suitable one for the users as well the site.


The another types of sitemaps is the XML. This format of sitemap can be submitted to search engines so that they crawl the website in a more effective and comfortable way. Using this type of sitemaps, search engines becomes more sincere to make the site or each pages up to date including any URLs that are not yet discovered through the normal crawling process used by the Google search engine. This type of sitemaps are active if the site has dynamic content, is newly publish and does have lower no of links to it, or contains a lot of stored content that is not well-managed and well-linked.
The XML format of sitemap is not visible means it is not available to the visitors. This is a better format if you have a site with huge contents (say near about 50000 pages). Through these types of sitemaps, you can link the main sitemap to the other sub sitemaps of sub-category. It will be an easier way to help Google to be indexed all the pages, images, etc through keeping multiple pages. Through these types of sitemap, Google gets a sense of linking mode so it can make your content available in a faster way to the visitors.

How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress

There are various ways to create an XML sitemap in WordPress. You can create site by

Here, I prefer the plugin Yoast for creating this map.
Create Your WordPress Sitemap with a plugin
After enabling the checkbox to make XML sitemaps functionality enable, it will give you number of options that you will have to configure for your sitemaps.
Generate Your Sitemap using the Yoast Plugin
Now, it’s the time when your sitemaps are generated and that will accessible to the general public. WordPress XML sitemap has a button which you can click to get the view of your sitemap_index.XML sitemap.

Get Your Sitemap Links!

Get Your Sitemap Link

From the above options, you will get the sitemap.

How does the Sitemap Look?

The content of a sitemap
This is the example of what my sitemap index looks like on Local SEO Expert Guide now.

Go To Google Webmaster Tools and Login

Configure by Google Webmaster Tools
After submitting a sitemap, what happens to the site or if any content newly added to the site? Yes, the search engines are smart enough to make them update about the new addition by sending a ping to the search engines by the sitemaps. This is necessity to submit the sitemaps to the search engines to make the site easily accessible to the visitors.
The easiest way is to submit your sitemap to Google by using Google Webmaster tools so that Google can show you the errors, pages indexed and all other relevant issues and it will help your webmaster a lot to manage the site.
Now, you will have to use this link to submit into the Webmaster Tool through log in into it.
If you have not yet added your site to the Webmaster Tools, then you must do that by clicking on the button “Add a Site” at the top right corner. You can get idea about how to verify a website by Webmaster Tools.

If you have already verify your ownership by the Webmaster Tools, go ahead and focus on the settings page.

Go Ahead to the Sitemaps Section for Your Website

Configuration Steps into Webmaster Tools to Submit Sitemap
Under the optimization tab you will see the sitemaps section.

Finally Add Your Sitemaps into Google Webmaster Tools


Final Step to Add Sitemaps to the Webmaster Tools


Google Now has Your Sitemap

Google Now Has Your Sitemap


Last Few Words

We are here ready as Local SEO Professionals to give you all kinds of technical supports for setting up the Sitemaps for your website.

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