Website Audit

Website Audit
The Complete Guide to Diagnose Your Site




The term Website Audit can give the answers of these questions like : Are you suffering with the headache of lower number of visitors of your website? Are you feeling the necessity of having an audit report for your website? Are you trying to get more visitors as well as more profit through your web business, but you failed???


We, the Local SEO Expert Guide (LSEG) are here to provide you the solutions of all your queries. It could be a variety of reasons for this under performance of your website. You can do your site audit when you do the random changes or do the vital changes of your site.


Goals to Audit a Website

Before doing this auditing, you have to define the ultimate goals. The goals should be like

  • Find out the weakness of your site
  • Find out the positive sides of your site
  • What are the ways to be action taken
  • What will be the return after taking these issues in action


Required Tools to Audit a Site

Here are the tools I will be using during the audit process.

  • Google Analytics
  • Access to Google Webmaster Tool
  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog
  • Copyscape
  • Title Tag Pixel Width Checker


Start Audit with Website Crawl

Web Crawlers, sometimes called Spider, and automatically scans the World Wide Web to capture the founded context and meaning of the content. The browser can’t do this job by itself; it has to take the help of crawler. Crawler is a background process of the search engines work out the related and relevance web pages with the given keyword set.


The task of the Google Web Crawler is to submit the domain and searches as well as scans every pages of that domain; extract related all issues like page titles, meta descriptions, links, and keywords etc and then report back to Google to add those info to their giant database.


Now the point is, when you start your audit, you will have to go through various manual checking processes and will need some data which will be easier to access with additional programs instead of just a browser. So, you should take the first step of your site auditing is to crawl your site, so that it will access all pages and will behave like a search engine spider to uncover some lacking within your site design, architecture or SEO issues.


The free version with having unlimited crawl facility of the crawler which I love most is the Beam Us Up’s Free SEO Crawler. It provides the limitless crawl facility as well as it has the functionality to export result sheet with tabs showing filtered results for the most common issues. There are other crawlers which might need limited crawl facility or might need licensed version.


Must Use Robots.txt

The robots.txt is a text file and which has to keep within the root folder ( is known as robots exclusion standard and also known as robots exclusion protocol is used by the websites to make a communication with web robots means web crawlers. The specification on how to inform the web robot about which pages should or should not be processed is the goal of using the robots.txt.


So, this is the way of executing the instructions about any site to the web robots. Robots.txt file inform the search engine spiders on how to interact with a page.


By default, the nature of the search engines’ is to grab the information from the valuable pages to enrich their database. So, now if anyone wants not to share the information or don’t want disclose any pages’ or folders’ information, then robots.txt is a must.


Without having a robots.txt file within the root folder, there will show an error of 404. So the best practice is to upload a blank file names robots.txt in the site root directory to stop the 404 error.

In order to create the robots.txt, Go the Google’s Robots Create Tool!


Submit Sitemaps.XML and Keep It Update



There are many tricks to optimize a website to make it more reachable to search engines. One of the most important but majorly ignored tricks is Sitemap. The Sitemap which imply by its name itself, is the map within the single page of all pages as well as posts of the site with navigation links. It represents the site structure with its content, so that, it is be better for both search engines and the users. The Sitemap should have all the links as robots.txt file has. Thus the sitemap keeps the site updated to the search engines.


If any vital changes within your site, the sitemaps serve as to convey the information to make the search engine update about the changes. So that, your site rank or position to search engines will be better for the new added pages. Thus, the changes of the site will be indexed faster to the search engines.


Page Speed Optimization

Today is the time to have speed in everything. All people want to get everything instantly. As, web world is the compulsory part of lie, so the people also want to get the web world within grip on that same moment. If your website takes few seconds more to load, that means you are far from your business profit. If you have noticed or in doubt with the page speed, you can get the time in percentage with Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool. From here you will see your site speed status.



According to the reference of AuthorityLabs

“Amazon finds a 100ms slowdown – one tenth of a second! – can mean a 1% decrease in revenue.”


The Akamai and have done a survey that nearly 50% web users have expectation to load the site within 2 seconds or less and if the site can’t do so, then the user leave the site to go to another web store. The percentages of the users who face problems with site performance, is the 79% and they don’t come back to the site again and around 44% percent of them discourage their friend not to come that site again.


Search engines like Google included the page loading time as one of the major part to get better page rank. Google introduced an algorithm in 2010 which included the effect of page loading time to get a good rank.


So, website audit must have the solution of more page loading time and try to reduce this time to get good rank.

Optimize Site Images

Image optimization is one of the most important parts for the terms of SEO. If you have a online business or online web store, then it is a must to do SEO for your website when used images will have to be optimized. Amazon researched on their pages that if their pages got slow down by 1 second, then they will lose $1.6 billion a year.


When images added with a certain necessity, will help visitors to understand your article better, so that they could get a better experience. There is a proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Moreover, Google takes this matter as a site ranking issue.

Image Optimization
Image Optimization


There are few ways to optimize the images as:

  • Choose Relevant Image for Your Site
  • Choose the Right Image Name
  • Use Image Alt Tag and Image Caption
  • Choose the Right File Format
  • Compress the Image Keeping Original Quality


Content should not be Duplicated, Thin and Stolen

Content of your website should not repeat as Google rank the site most which has unique and solid content. If your site is full of repeated content, then the user will get a bitter experience from your site and they will not come back to your site again. Thus your Google rank will be reduced rapidly.


A page with almost no unique content is refers as thin content. If your site is with thin content, so ask yourself why the visitor will come to your site. I am sure you will also be confused to give the answer. So, every owner of an online business should be keen to have more and more unique and healthy content, so that the visitor can visit his site naturally.


Stealing is a sin in every society. We all know our creator also forbidden us from stealing. So, if someone steals anything, he will be colored to the society and to our creator. With stealing content, no one can get good visitor as well as good rank from search engines. There are algorithms to Google to check out the stolen content. So, try to avoid to steal another sources’ content.

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